Brugal Colección Visionaria Edición 01

The Brugal Colección Visionaria Edición 01 is an a limited-edition release.

Maestra Ronera Jassil Villanueva created a collection crafted using an innovative cask toasting technique. Edición 01 uses an aromatic cask toasting technique developed Jassil, that after selecting virgin European oak casks toasted them with Dominican cocoa beans. The cocoa beans were removed before the casks were filled with rum to finish the maturation.

Jassil stated “One of my most cherished childhood memories is walking amongst the cacao trees surrounding my family home. I remember the lush and green cacao fields, the bittersweet scent of the cacao pods, and the rich aromas of roasted beans. It’s this memory I wanted to recreate with the first edition of Colección Visionaria”.​

Only four batches will be sold worldwide. Each bottle will bear Villanueva Quintana’s signature and batch number. It is bottled at 45% ABV.

It is already available with an SRP of $100.



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