Buffalo Trace Releases Kosher Whiskey (II batch)

Buffalo Trace announced that the new Kosher whiskeys will be available in May. This is the II batch and the products will feature the same styles that were released back in 2020. In detail:

  • Kosher Straight Rye – SRP of $39.99
  • Kosher Rye Recipe Straight Bourbon – SRP of $39.99
  • Kosher Wheat Recipe Straight Bourbon – SRP of $39.99

The bottling lines at Buffalo Trace will be flushed completely before filling these bottles to ensure that non-Kosher spirits will not be in contact with these products. “We were overwhelmed with the popularity of our Kosher Whiskey when we first released it last year,” said Master Blender & Director of Quality Drew Mayville. “We realize having a truly certified Kosher whiskey is important to not only the Jewish community, but also a broader audience, and we’re pleased that we have the ability to offer it each year to reach this audience.”


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