Chattanooga Batch 036 – Herbal Infused

The Chattanooga Batch 036 – Herbal Infused is inspired by the traditionally infused Kräuterlikörs of Germany.

This bourbon liqueur was crafted from a variety of German specialty malts, including pale wheat malt & chocolate malt. After distillation on both pot and column stills, the five years old whiskey was infused with a blend of über-traditional botanicals (in details: Anise Seed Pods, American Ginseng, Indian Sarsaparilla, Bilberry, Sour Cherry, Ginger, Vanilla Bean, Anise-Hyssop, Linden, Caraway Seeds, Horehound, Centaury, Spearmint, Burdock Root). It was then aged in single-use bourbon barrels for one year.

The mash bill is made of Yellow Corn, Pale Malted Wheat, Melanoidin Malted Barley, Chocolate Malted Barley.

It is bottled at 91 proof (40.5% ABV). It is already available, with a suggested retail price of $49.99.


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