Glenmorangie Astar is back

Glenmorangie Astar was at first launched in 2008 and then discontinued in 2012, but it will be back soon.


The Astar is a No Age Statement with a main characteristic: it is aged in first filling ex-bourbon casks, made with Missouri wood, selected by the distillery personal itself. The casks are produced in USA and they get a little bit toasted before been used to contain bourbon for 4 years. Then the casks are sent to Scotland, ready to receive the Astar. This wood selection procedure is particularly expensive, and this was the main reason to the discontinuation of this whisky. Recently, due to the acquisition of Glemorangie by LVMH, the founds necessary to the new development of the Astar were invested.


Astar will be bottled at 52,5%, a little lower if compared to the 57,1% of the first edition. It will be non chill filtered and it will be available the first days of September. Price will be around 85 euro.


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