Hatozaki New Omakase Rye Mizunara Cask Finish

The Hatozaki New Omakase Rye Mizunara Cask Finish is the third and latest addition to its “Omakase” Series.

It showcases the aging and finishing techniques of Kimio Yonezawa, the 4th generation Master Distiller & Blender. It is produced at the Kaikyō Distillery on the shores of the Seto Inland Sea.

“I am honored to introduce Hatozaki Rye Mizunara Cask Finish as the third edition of our Omakase Collection in the US market,” Master Distiller & Blender Kimio Yonezawa said. “I was excited to experiment with the flavors of rye, a popular category with American whisky drinkers, and see how they would respond to native Japanese oak influence. We are thrilled with the final blend and confident it will be a surprising and rewarding choice for the seeker of exciting new whiskies to try.”

Hatozaki Omakase Rye Third Edition Mizunara Cask Finish is made in small batches of no more than 10 casks. The blend, which contains at least 51% rye, is aged in new charred oak and then finished in traditional Mizunara casks, rare Japanese white oak sourced from the Hokkaido and Tohoku forests.

This expression will be limited to less than 3.000 bottles, each numbered and sold exclusively in the US market.

It is bottled at 84 proof (42% ABV).

It is already available for a suggested retail price of $95.


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