Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon Batch A124

The Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon Batch A124 is the first of three editions of Larceny Barrel Proof Batch for 2024. The “A” in the name is the first in a three-part A, B, C release sequence. The “1” represents the month released, January, while the “24” at the end stands for the year. The next two bottlings are expected in May and September of 2024.

As for the previous releases, it is an uncut small batch bourbon, aged six to eight years, and bottled straight from the barrel. It is made with Heaven Hill’s wheated bourbon mash bill of 68% corn, 20% wheat, and 12% malted barley.

It is bottled at 124.2 proof (62.1% ABV), and it is already available. The suggested retail price is $64.99.


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