Remy Martin 300th Anniversary Coupe

The Remy Martin 300th Anniversary Coupe commemorates the three centuries of the brand.

It is made from a reserve of eaux-de-vie enriched over the years by generations of Cellar Masters: a creative process known as the “Réserve Perpétuelle” (or “Perpetual Reserve”). Thanks to the preservation and enrichment of this precious eaux-de-vie, the reserve never runs dry. For the 300th Anniversary Coupe, Cellar Master  Baptiste Loiseau has drawn on the previous Coupe of the 290th, itself nourished by the eaux-de-vie from the 275th Coupe. This hallowed tradition symbolizes the expertise inherited by each Cellar Master from the previous generation and passed forward to the next.

Only 6.724 bottles were created, with 1.000 reserved for the US. They are individually numbered, and the glass carafe was inspired by the 250th Coupe released in 1974. Engraved lines feature the iconic Rémy Martin Centaur.

Availability will begin in March 2024. It is bottled at 40% ABV. The suggested retail price is $2.735.


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