Gun Fighter American Bourbon

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Gun Fighter American Bourbon

Gun Fighter American Bourbon is a release from Colorado's Golden Moon distillery founded by Stephen Gould e Karen Knight in spring 2008, with the idea of producing a premium artisan line of spirits and liqueurs using only the best herbs, spices and "botanicals" available on the market but only through an ancient production process used since the mid-'800. The heart of the distillery is a thematic library with hundreds of rare books, some of which from the early 1500s, relating to the distillation processes and the selection of herbs from whose in-depth study the current recipes of the spirits of this distillery are born.

  • Type: Bourbon
  • Origin : USA
  • ABV: 50%
  • Cask: 6 months new American oak casks, finish in French oak American fortified wine barrels
  • Age: NAS
  • Price: 39 $ – 42 €
  • Details: none



Truly intense, very marked by the cask; very ripe dark red fruit (cherries, black currant) with pungent alcoholic notes. The woody component is wet, tannic. Spices are sweet yet intense, cardamom, cumin, star anise such as in some hot sweet wines from the Alps. A distant balsamic note, perhaps the best thing. The overall impression is of a young spirit in truly active barrels, maybe not the most subtle result.


After the initial alcohol sting, a much sweeter character takes over, with cherry covered in quite sweet chocolate. Sweetness is less refined than in other products, at times slightly chemical, similar to basic chocolate/cherry snacks.


Sweetness lasts forever, still providing a basic sensation, only helped by some chocolate sensations. Mono-dimensional.

Gun Fighter American Bourbon is overall a product difficult to fully enjoy; the extremely active barrels have imposed a very strong character to the spirit, with a marked cherry compote note and evident alcohol push. The extra touch of chocolate of the palate helps diversifying the fruition, but the sweetness appears to be too basic.

Rating: 83

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