Reservoir Rye

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Reservoir Rye

Reservoir Rye is a product based on 100% rye mash. The rye is sourced only from just outside Richmond's city borders in Virginia, and it is aged in small casks. First release has hit the market in 2014, and it has obtained Double Gold.

  • Type: Rye
  • Origin : USA
  • ABV: 50%
  • Cask: new
  • Age: NAS
  • Price: 80 $ – 75 €
  • Details: not available



A very caramel-forward nose. The hints of a more spicy profile are just suggestions, while the caramel is profound and rich, with baked apples and a very mild herbal fresh hint. In the second nose the sweet spicy component is more defined, with tones of light vanilla and intense cinnamon. The woody part takes the way of cedar, with some Demerara sugar.


The entrance is quite surprising after such a mellow, smooth nose. It is still well balanced, yet the spicy component is much more present: it is a nice mix of green spices and piquant chili, alternating with black pepper and Indian spices, with a wild side of rye of great satisfaction. Salty and balsamic, much more than sweet.


Medium-long duration, now more balsamic and herbal at the nose.

Reservoir Rye is a very nice product, surprisingly different from the balanced, smooth and caramel-driven nose to the spicy palate, which boasts a nice and powerful experience without being uncentered or fatiguing. The palette is rather ample and interesting, yet the power of true rye can be perceived. Tasty.

Rating: 90

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