Woodford Reserve Double Double Oaked Arrives


This Woodford Reserve Double Double Oaked is the first Distillery Series bottling for 2021. The original bottling release of the double double was back in 2015. This double double process has since inspired re-releases due to the strong following by eager bourbon enthusiasts. The Woodford Reserve Double Double Oaked begins with fully matured Woodford Reserve Bourbon. The bourbon is then emptied from the original barrels, and moved into new oak barrels that were deeply toasted and lightly charred. The bourbon’s second time of aging in the barrels is a little under a year. Then the bourbon goes through another repeat process of being moved into deeply toasted, lightly charred new oak barrels for a third round. This maturing time is again for another year. The bourbon has now gone through three times of being in virgin oak barrels for again. Hence the name of the Double Double Oaked.

Bottled in late 2020 in 375ml sized bottles, this comes in at 90.4 proof. Sold exclusively at Woodford Reserve Distillery, and in selected liquor stores in Kentucky. Guests at the distillery will be limited to just four 375ml bottles each for purchase. The 375ml bottle has an MSRP of $49.99.


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