2XO: Tribute Blend and American Oak

The American whiskey blender and founder Dixon Dedman is launching two new Kentucky straight bourbon whiskeys featuring his “Two Times Oak” blending process, which consists of introducing additional charred oak to barrels with a moderate amount of rye in the mashbill. This technique allows Dixon to intensify the maturation process by creating more surface area for the liquid in the barrels to interact with the new charred oak, elevating the combination of flavors.

The two new bottlings are called the Tribute Blend and the America Oak.

The Tribute Blend is the third release in 2XO’s Icon Series and was made to honor the parents of Dedman. It’s made from a blend of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskeys with two different mash bill recipes: one has a high-rye (35%) mash bill, and the other has a low-rye (16-18%) mash bill. It is bletted at 104 proof (52% ABV), and it is already available with a suggested retail price of $99.99.

American Oak (SRP $49.99) is the first ongoing blend in the Oak Series, a series of everyday offerings where Dixon will match the profile of each batch for consistent taste and character. The Tribute Blend (SRP $99.99), the third small batch blend in the Icon Series, is a nod to his parents and the path they paved for him.


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