Bearface Wilderness Series Matsutake

The Bearface Wilderness Series Matsutake features wild matsutake (pine mushroom), due to the infusion made with the mushroom to create a rich umami finish.

The whisky is a blend of three parcels of Canadian whiskies aged in different casks, including French oak (red wine & virgin oak), sherry pipes (PX, cream, and amontillado), and casked Matsutake.

The Matsutake cask was made by adding wild foraged matsutake mushrooms to a cask filled with BEARFACE whisky where it was allowed to infuse for 2 months. All casks were “elementally aged” in repurposed shipping containers where they were exposed to the elements.

It is bottled at 95 proof (42.5% ABV). The suggested retail price is $44.99.


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