Blue Run Flight Series High Rye Bourbon

The Blue Run Flight Series High Rye Bourbon is a new launch of what should become a bi-annual release of micro-batch whiskies. There will be a minum of two and a maximum of five barrels used for this release, that will be available this fall.

For the first run, there are six bottlings and each expression was distilled by Liquid Advisor Jim Rutledge and then blended by Whiskey Director Shaylyn Gammon.

The six bottlings are:

  • #1 Alpine Meadows – 115.2 proof, 57.6% ABV
  • #2 Parisian Pâtisserie -113.1 proof, 56.55% ABV
  • #3 Seattle Downpour – 115.2 proof, 57.6% ABV
  • Lahaina Luau – 109.6 proof)
  • #5 Washington Apple Orchard – 118 proof, 59% ABV
  • #6 Marrakech Market – 110.3 proof, 55.15% ABV

They are already available and the SRP is $119.99.


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