Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon

The Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey made in partnership with NBA Champion Stephen Curry, and John Schwartz, owner of Amuse Bouche Winery in Napa Valley. The whiskey is distilled at Boone County Distilling Co.

“Celebrations take on many different forms, from intimate gatherings to major milestones, and at the center of each memorable moment is a spirit rooted in history and tradition,” Curry shared in a statement. “I’m proud to have helped carefully craft a new signature Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Gentleman’s Cut. This rich, complex, and bold bourbon is the perfect offering to commemorate life’s great occasions and will be part of a raised-glass toasting moment in the lives of my fans, friends, and family.”

It was distilled in a 500-gallon copper pot still with a mash bill recipe of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley.

The bourbon was aged between 5-7 years in charred, new white oak barrels. SRP is $79.99.


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