Karuizawa Distillers – Komoro Distillery

Karuizawa Distillers is the result of the vision and passion of Koji Shimaoka, businessperson and entrepreneur, and co-founder and Master Distiller, Ian Chang. Together, with the help of a few hand-selected individuals, our aim is to rejuvenate and revitalize whisky-making in the Greater Karuizawa area and, eventually, farther afield.

The new distillery, called Komoro, is surrounded by beautiful forests and rivers, and it is close to the imposing Mount Asama. The Master Distiller, Ian Chang, is determined, and confident, that the spirit from Komoro will mirror this stunning and powerful landscape. Komoro will only produce a small amount of spirit every year, focusing on absolute quality.

Komoro Distillery will set the scene, and tone, for further developments from Karuizawa Distillers.

The Distillery will open later this year.


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