Michter’s 10 year bourbon 2021

A few days ago, Michter’s announced the 2021 release of its 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The whiskey is bottled with an ABV of 47.2% (94.4 proof). In the US, the 2021 version will be shipping in the upcoming days.

Michter’s master distiller Dan McKee, said “this release is a really full-bodied, special bourbon, while Michter’s Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson said, “when we heat cycle, it increases the interaction between the whiskey and the wood allowing us to extract more character from the barrel resulting in a truly rich and exceptional whiskey that is not overly oaked”. This because the barrel was stored in Michter’s heat-cycled warehouses.

The retail price will be $ 150 in the US.



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