Mars Maltage Cosmo

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Mars Maltage Cosmo

Mars Maltage Cosmo is a blended whisky composed of Scottish single malts finished in Shinshu distillery. This distillery was founded in 1985 in the heart of the Japanese Alps and, after a few years of silence, it back in operation conditions in 2011. The distillery enjoys an exceptional geographical position, which gives its whisky a unique character. Of particular importance are the sources of pure water, filtered by the mountains for centuries. Mars is also counting on a second artisanal distillery called “Tsunuki,” which opened in 2016, and an aging location on Yakushima Island. Having three aging sites allowed the company to experiment and understand the impact of different climates on whisky maturation.

  • Type: Blended Whisky
  • Origin: Japan
  • ABV: 43%
  • Cask: not declared
  • Age: NAS
  • Price: $129 – €58
  • Details: -



We are welcomed by notes of delicate red fruit (strawberry not too ripe, pink cherry) and mild vanilla. In the background, there is a hint of hazelnut, while a slight smokiness is almost imperceptible.


It opens round and reasonable refinement, with notes of malt in the first place, supported by orange and mandarin. Caramel and wood, without any spicy side. Slight chocolatey tone in the second phase of the fruition. The basic ABV makes the spirit delicate, although at times, the intensity of the flavors is not very remarkable. Creamy.


The flavor perception is overall short-lived, with notes of creamy fruit, malted cereal, with a slight dryness mainly due to the woody component on the palette.

Mars Maltage Cosmo is overall a creamy, refinement, and silky spirit, gifted with a nice balance. However, the flavor profile is not too broad (although pleasant and well integrated), and the intensity is certainly not remarkable, perhaps also due to the reduced ABV. A good entry product to the Japanese whiskey club, which, however, reserves many other gems.

Rating: 86

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