Shizuoka United S First Edition

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Shizuoka United S First Edition

Shizuoka United S First Edition is the second release by Shizuoka distillery, which first appeared in 2022. This whisky is the result of the union between the spirit distilled by two different pot stills, named K and W. For this bottling, selected malt whisky from the legendary Karuizawa pot still and a wood-fired pot still were married. Both Japanese and European barley were used in the recipe, a small proportion of which was turfed. Only 5000 bottles were filled for the Japanese market.

  • Type: Single Malt
  • Origin : Japan
  • ABV: 50.5%
  • Cask: ex-bourbon barrels, ex-bourbon quarter casks and barrels of new oak
  • Age: NAS
  • Price: NA $ – 199 €
  • Details: natural color, non chill-filtered



Orange honey and apricots, nice and mellow, creamy. The fruity spirit has been well married with bourbon casks, yet the creamy influence of virgin oak can be perceived. Butter, sponge cake and Navel oranges with sugary vanilla, crepes suzette.


Nice and tasty sip. There is a pinch of salt which cannot be denied. Maybe a very distant, light hint of smoke. However nothing is preventing the intense fruit from taking over, now more on tangerine and peaches, slightly more intense than the nose. Roasted nuts. Compared to other Japanese products there is a certain intensity and quite a character.


Medium, still fruity but with the echoes of the good intensity...

Shizuoka United S First Edition is a very nice product; there are two different souls in this whisky, with a high and pure nose, light and fruity, sophisticated and classy, while the sip adds layers of taste for a rather intense fruit with hints of minerality and even smoke, adding complexity without being too rude. Nice balance of the different components, for a very entertaining release.

Rating: 94

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