Springbank 1995/2016 The First Edition

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Springbank 1995/2016 The First Edition

Springbank is a distillery in Campbeltown, Scotland. Their production is limited to just over 700,000 liters per year. Every aspect of the whisky production is hand crafted without using any sort of technology. The distillery's character is unique in the world: a strong, with a highly complex character. Their limited editions, if the regular production is excluded, are sold out in no time. In this case, the tasting is based on a single cask, selected by Edition Spirits. The brand was founded by Scott and Andrew Laing, sons of the famous Stewart Laing, an independent bottler of the brands Hunter Laing and Douglas Laing. It aged in an ex-Bourbon cask, No. HL12708 to be precise.

  • ABV: 49,9 %<
  • Casks: Refill Hogshead
  • Age: 21 years
  • No. of Bottles: 160 bottles
  • Price Range: over € 250
  • Availability: low



immediately a spicy, with white pepper and ginger, then wild herbs and tea leaves, black tea. A fruity background with yellow apple and unripe banana. Hints of tobacco, leather, black pepper and vanilla. Rather complex and needs attention to notice the many nuances.


great roundness, with white pepper, camphor, cinnamon and ginger. The typical Springbank vegetal notes are not as present as in other products, but still perceptible. Herbs, leather and cooked meat. The intensity is high and increases.


long. Medium in intensity, with a good complexity of white pepper, ginger, green tea and vanilla. Slightly dry.

The Springbank 1995/2016 The First Edition pairs the complexity of the distillery, with a unique character that mellowed out throughout the years in the barrel. The spicy part is well above medium. It remains a high-level whisky, to be approached with the right attention and time.

Rating: 92

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