Royal Salute The Coronation of King Charles III Edition

The Royal Salute The Coronation of King Charles III Edition, is a limited edition commemorating the coronation of the new British monarch, King Charles III. The first version of this product was given to Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 on the occasion of her coronation.

The distillate is the result of the blending work of 53 very rare malt and cereal whiskeys, supervised by master blender Sandy Hypslop. The precious whiskey (40% ABV) is placed in a Dartington crystal decanter with a sapphire blue hue, all placed in a wooden box inspired by the architecture of Westminster Abbey. In this place, coronation ceremonies have taken place since the Middle Ages.

Only 500 bottles are available worldwide, of which 56 are reserved for the United States. Sales are already tied, and the MSRP is $25,000.


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