Yellowstone Bourbon Finished in Marsala – 2022 edition

The 2022 Limited Edition from Yellowstone is a 7-year-old-bourbon finished in marsala superiore casks. Marsala Superiore is a fortified wine produced near the Sicilian town of Marsala.

The master distiller Stephen Beam stated “I’ve been experimenting with different finishes for the Yellowstone Limited Edition bourbons, and I really fell in love with the impact the Marsala Superiore cask finish has on the overall taste profile of the bourbon,

The 2022 Yellowstone Limited Edition Is bottled at 101 proof (50.5% ABV) and comes in custom-designed bottles featuring embossing, a natural cork and a label featuring the 2022 Yellowstone Limited Edition emblem.

Starting in September, 30.000 bottles will be available in the US.  Suggested retail prices will be $ 99.99.


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