Yellowstone Limited Edition Tokaji Cask Finish

The Yellowstone Limited Edition Tokaji Cask Finish is the 2023 limited edition bottling from the Kentucky distillery.

It is a blend of three bourbons, as it was for the previous limited edition. In the 2023 bottle, Master Distiller Steve Beam selected three Kentucky straight bourbons aged for 7 years, 13 years, and 16 years. After blending he then finished its maturation in Tokaji wine casks (Tokaji is a traditional sweet wine from the Tokaji region of Hungary made exclusively from white-wine grapes.).

“With each year’s Yellowstone Limited Edition offering, I seek a finish that I both personally love and believe will make for a flavorful, well-balanced bourbon. This year, I found the perfect finish in the Tokaji casks sourced from northern Hungary,” said Beam. “Consumers can expect aromas of honey, green grapes, and freshly baked cinnamon; a body highlighted by dry spice, followed by caramel, dark cherry, citrus, and white pepper; and a finish containing notes of dry tobacco, honeysuckle, and smoky oak. Fans of Yellowstone Limited Edition offerings will have a new contender for their favorite!”

It’s bottled at 50.5% ABV (101 proof). A total of 10,000 cases (3-pack) will be available for purchase beginning August 2023. The SRP is $99.99. It is available from August.



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