Nikka Whisky Debuts New Discovery Series

Nikka Whisky has introduced its new limited edition series in the US, the “Nikka Discovery.” The first set of single malt releases from the series are a non-peated called Yoichi, and a peated called Miyagikyo. This series will continue over the next three years through the year 2024. All in anticipation of Nikka Whisky’s 90th Anniversary in 2024. Each of the following years will focus on a different component of Nikka’s whisky-making process that the company has crafted since 1934. The project presents various experiments from Nikka’s two distilleries.

The first in the set is named the Yoichi. This is a Non-Peated whisky that is entirely composed of unpeated malts. This expression defies the peaty image of Yoichi. Whisky is non-chill-filtered, and bottled at 94 proof (47% ABV). Yoichi is limited to 20,000 bottles of total production. Yoichi has an MSRP of $274.99 for the 750-ml size bottle

The second bottle in the set release is called Miyagikyo. This is a peated whisky, that is crafted solely from batches of peated malts. Nikka wanted to showcase something different from the light, fruity perception of Miyagikyo. Whisky is non-chill-filtered, and bottled at 96 proof (48% ABV). Miyagikyo will also be limited to 20,000 total bottles. Again, the same $274.99 MSRP for the 750-ml bottle.


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