Stranahan’s The Osopher 11 Year

The Stranahan’s The Osopher 11 Year is a bottling released to commemorate and pay homage to Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey founder George Stranahan (1931-2021).

For this edition, Stranahan and Flying Dog Brewery, both created by Stranahan, continued the long collaboration tradition. Stranahan’s The Osopher 11 Year uses Stranahan’s whiskey barrels used to age Flying Dog Imperial Road Dog Porter. After the barrels aged the beer, they were then sent back to Stranahan’s to for the finish of the whiskey, which lasted four months. With 11 years of aging and four months spent in Imperial Porter barrels, this is the oldest release ever bottled by Stranahan’s.

Bottled at 47.3% ABV (94.6 proof), Stranahan’s The Osopher is a limited release that retails for $159.99 and will be available exclusively at the Stranahan’s Distillery in Denver, Colorado. Whiskey bottle purchases are limited to two per guest. The whiskey is available starting today, August 22.


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