Uncle Nearest – new bottlings

Uncle Nearest is going to use their own barrels, no longer sourced whiskey, starting in 2022.

The 2022 expressions use four different recipes. Nearest Green Distillery says it will release Uncle Nearest Rye, Uncle Nearest Single Barrel Rye, and a new Uncle Nearest Single Barrel Whiskey (more details about pricing and availability will come throughout the year).

“Since the inception of our brand, everything in our bottles was blended to perfection by our master blender, Victoria Eady Butler, but the whiskey was sourced. Our own whiskey began fully maturing last year, and what we have in our bottles now is what we believe is the best whiskey we’ve ever released,” said Fawn Weaver, founder, and CEO.

“Our first-generation Uncle Nearest bottles shared the history of my great-great-grandfather and his significance to the Tennessee Whiskey coming out of the hills and hollows around Lynchburg,” said Eady Butler. “Our new generation of bottles reflect the future of our brand and our Shelbyville distillery being what cements his legacy for my family and every future generation of whiskey lovers. This is 160 years in the making and damn it if we didn’t figure out how to perfect it! Nearest has always deserved this.”

All this is reflected in the new label, featuring a custom logo of Nearest Green Distillery — a glass of whiskey inside a horseshoe, pointing to its iron Tennessee roots, as well as Eady Butler’s signature.


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