Flóki Single Malt Sheep Dung Smoked

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Flóki Single Malt Sheep Dung Smoked

Flóki Single Malt Sheep Dung Smoked is a single malt from the Eimverk distillery in Iceland, born in 2009. Barley is smoked in a very unique way, which means using sheep dung smoke, an old traditional Icelandic smoking style applied to preserve food and heat houses. This whisky is also handcrafted from 100% locally farmed Icelandic barley and aged for approximately 3 years in ex-Flóki Young Malt barrels under the base of mount Hekla.

  • Type: Single Malt
  • Origin : Iceland
  • ABV: 47%
  • Cask: American Virgin Oak
  • Age: NAS
  • Price: NA $ – 63 €
  • Details: none

TASTING NOTES - Flóki Single Malt Sheep Dung Smoked


Very unique since the beginning, and not in the best way: truly awkward vegetable notes of cucumber, celery and green tomato. This is sided by a rather strange smoky character, a very rough and animal one, like some unprocessed leathers. Alcohol is quite evident, reaching the nose since the beginning.


Though sharp and not truly integrated, alcohol is still better than during the olfactory fruition. Aromas and tastes are still unique, with a lightly peated note paired with some herbal, resinated balsamic wood ones.


Medium duration, again not the most elegant and refines, neither an enjoyable experience.

Flóki Single Malt Sheep Dung Smoked is overall a very adventurous experiment, providing a rather unique experience in terms of awkward aromas and tastes. In addition to that, alcohol seems to be quite rough on the nose, something that can not be treated as a true experiment.

Rating: 81

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