Starward Octave Barrels

The Starward Octave Barrels is the latest release of the Australian brand. It is a single malt, aged in shiraz red wine barrels, and in specific, the one that previously held Yalumba The Octavious, a wine from the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Yalumba represents the oldest family-owned winery in Australia.

Starward stated “when a whisky speaks to Australia’s wine heritage – and Australia’s whisky future – you know it’ll be delicious. Especially when it brings the bold flavours you’d expect from Barossa Shiraz barrel maturation.”

The Yalumba barrels were filled in 2018, with Starward new make spirit. It was bottled in 2021, with an ABV of 48% (96 proof), and has been released in the US in May 2022. SRP is $ 149 (€ 135 in Europe).


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